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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I place an order ?
    Ordering from Wacky Websters is easy. Just browse our online store, select your desired items, and follow the checkout process.
  • What is wacky websters about ?
    Wacky Websters is all about crafting unique and imaginative confectionery creations.
  • Can I stock your products ?
    we'd love to have our products reach more people so that's certainly something we can discuss so pleas do get in touch!
  • Do you offer customisation for special events or occasions?
    Yes, we love adding a personal touch to your sweet moments! Contact us for customized confectionery options for your special events.
  • What payment methods do you accept ?
    We accept major credit and debit cards for online payments, making it convenient for our customers.
  • What products do you offer ?
    Our product range includes a variety of themed chocolates and baked goods, and we also offer bespoke orders all designed to bring a touch of magic to your taste buds.
  • What if I have a unique confectionery idea in mind?
    We'd love to hear your creative ideas! Reach out to us, and we can discuss how to turn your vision into a delectable reality.
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